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Leading You toward Thought Leadership

Developing thought leadership documents takes time, effort, and money—and I will you save all three.

If you’re in a consulting, professional services, or financial services firm, I can help you claim territory, outdo competitors, engage clients, and boost revenue.


Why work with me?

First, we start with your goals, ideas, material, and audience. Then we discuss format, length, style, tone, your material, and your launch methods. Time spent here saves heartaches later.

Second, I work with you to develop documents to the highest publishing industry standards. If you want a copywriter or technical writer, I’m not your guy. I specialize in packaging the ideas of executives, partners, and experts in ways that cultivate clients.

Third, with an MBA and 20 years in banking and Fortune 500 companies, I understand finance, investing, risk management, board practices, accounting, compliance, cyber, sales, marketing, R&D, process improvement, and HR. My grasp of business enables us to focus on your message.

Fourth, I have a peerless record of delivering on time, to specs, within budget, and without drama.

Fifth, you can learn about my work—and about developing thought leadership—at this site. Here you’ll find my blog, thumbnails of the books I’ve written, and a free problem-solving ebook.

If you have a thought leadership project of any length, or even an idea for one, please get in touch.

It will cost you nothing but time well spent.

For my biographical note, please click here.

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