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Developing thought leadership and marketing content

If you have a great idea and want engaged clients, you have the seeds of thought leadership. Whatever the developmental stage (or state) of your idea or document, I can help with more ideas, clear editorial guidance, and writing at the highest professional standards.

On many projects, clients share their nascent ideas with me—maybe only the name or brand of what they’d like to develop—and entire campaigns have blossomed forth. It’s energizing and satisfying work for everyone involved.

Developing Thought Leadership

Get Me Rewrite!

You may have a document that has a lot of the pieces, but isn’t “there” yet. Or its message got lost amid authors’ clashing styles. Or the poor thing has been rejected by a demanding editor at a publication or book publisher.

Whatever the problem, I can analyze it quickly, give you a quote, and—when we get a greenlight—turn it back, with or without further input from the author(s), in record time. I also have a strong record of wrangling material that less experienced business writers could not corral.

From 700-word op-eds to 70,000-word manuscripts, I’ve been there, done that, and want to do it again.

Get Me Rewrite!

Coaching in powerful business writing

You describe your business writing problems and provide samples of your writing. I analyze your problems and mark up your samples in Word. We meet by telephone for an hour. Your writing improves, and the writing process becomes easier for you.

Personal, private, productive, and confidential.

Coaching in Powerful Business Writing

Editorial and thought leadership consulting

Give me your tired project managers, your poor proofreaders, your huddled experts yearning to return to revenue-generating activities. Give me the wretched refuse of your teeming editorial process (or lack thereof).

A couple of hours spent analyzing content development in your shop will reveal some easy fixes for your biggest problems. A few hours more will revolutionize your thought leadership program. I offer very reasonable rates for this service.

Editorial Consulting

Business book development and coaching

If you have a book idea, outline, proposal, or manuscript that you need help with, please get in touch. And—this is key—do it sooner rather than later. I’ve seen a heartbreaking number of authors pour months and even years into projects that never stood a chance of winning a book contract or readers.

Don’t be among these lost souls. Call or email me about your book project, and I’ll give you free advice that’s worth thousands. (Of course, I have to charge for actual book development services.)

Business Book Development
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