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Books by Tom Gorman and Clients

I’ve collaborated on, ghostwritten, and authored about 20 books. (It can be hard to keep count because a few went into subsequent editions.)

Most of these titles—mine and those of my clients—were published by prominent business book publishers who bought the books and paid advances based on proposals I wrote. On most of these projects, I worked with the author from idea to publication. You’ll find a bit of information on each of the books below.


Publishing being what it is, a good number of these titles are out of print, but most are available through Amazon, Abe, and other web-based booksellers.

My Benjamin Franklin Award-winning Writing the Breakthrough Business Book is still available used at Amazon or directly from me at Content Publishing Services.


Writing the Breakthrough Business Book is the indispensable guide for actual and aspiring business book authors.


Are you mystified by management decision making? Do you want to know how to calculate a break-even point or internal rate of return? Does marketing or managing others have you stumped? Get hold of my “MBA between covers” and you’re on your way to success. Now in its third edition!


I wrote this guide to the causes of The Great Recession right after it started with the subprime mortgage meltdown. If you want to know—from a nonpartisan perspective—how it all happened (and what collateralized debt obligations are) get hold of this book.


This four-book series I wrote for Adams Media takes you through the four essential elements of success in any business endeavor: Motivation, Innovation, Persuasion, and Execution. Learn them, and you cannot fail.


Long before there was a “gig economy” (back in the mid-1990s) I saw the writing on the subway wall and wrote Multipreneuring. It’s now somewhat dated, but still has some great and relevant advice on how to develop a portfolio of skills and income streams to carry you through a career when you can’t depend on employers.


My five years hanging with—and editing the work of—some of the best economists in the private sector (at DRI/McGraw Hill, now IHS Global Insight) prepped me to write this book. My MBA is in finance, but I’ve learned that a knowledge of economics is essential for anyone who wants to understand how the world really works.


Here you’ll find expert guidance on virtually every form of organizational writing—and many, many ways to make it much easier on yourself. Now in its second edition.


Books by Clients


Strategic Customer Service John Goodman, founder of TARP, is among the legends when it comes to innovation in customer service. This book was one of the most eye-opening I’d ever worked on, given that methods pioneered by John have been widely adopted by the major consumer companies that made up much of his client base.


Sales and Marketing the Six Sigma Way Mike Webb is the thought leader in the area of applying process improvement to sales and marketing. Follow his “trail of breadcrumbs” approach to marketing and sales—and his methods of providing value to your prospects at every phase of their customer’s journey—and your sales will skyrocket.


Surviving and Thriving in Uncertainty This book by Deloitte partners Rick Funston and Steve Wagner needed to be edited down from about 135,000 words to a more publishable 80,000 words, and they called me in to do the job. This book was (one) part of Deloitte’s efforts to establish itself as the leader in corporate risk advisory services, a status the firm has truly attained.


For Love and Money I am a credited author on this book by attorney John Ambrecht and psychiatrists Howard Berens, M.D. and Richard Goldwater, M.D. It’s a truly insightful guide to managing the impact of significant wealth on families, which is often extremely challenging (to put it mildly).


Business Is a Contact Sport Two of the most dynamic entrepreneurs and investors I’ve ever worked with, Tom Richardson and Gus Vidaurreta, both of Miami, had me capture their practical, 360-degree method of business relationship management between covers. They generously gave me credit on the cover as well.


The Smartest Money Book You’ll Ever Read Money manager and wealth wizard Dan Solin hired me to ghost this book for Perigee Press, even though he writes like a pro—to the point where he has his own column at Huffington Post. A great guy, who knows exactly how to keep his clients from getting fleeced in the financial services marketplace and who offers an entire wealth-building program in this book.


Executive Search and Your Career After hiring me for a few short projects, the Association of Executive Search Consultants had me write this primer on how to get the attention of executive recruiters and, once you get it, how handle yourself. It helped launch their BlueSteps program.


Big League Business Thinking This was my first book with my very first client, Paul Miller, a Harvard Ph.D. in industrial psychology (as they used to call it), executive coach, and expert in Myers Briggs. This book received the full extended-summary treatment by Executive Book Summaries, which also named it one of the 30 Best Business Books of the Year.


TechnoLeverage Consultant Mike Hruby had me capture his ideas and approaches in this phenomenal AMACOM book on using technology—any technology, not just digital ones—to make money in an organizational setting.


Accountability Leadership Here’s one where the author—the brilliant organizational consultant, Gerry Kraines, M.D.—needed me only to write the first two chapters and structure the book up for him. It’s a valuable primer on how to become a truly accountable leader.


Journey to the Emerald City Authors and entrepreneurs Roger Connors and Tom Smith have organizational accountability nailed. This was their second book, after The Oz Principle, and I helped them get the words right as they built their Temecula, CA-based firm, Partners In Leadership, into a consulting and training powerhouse.

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