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Writing the Breakthrough Business Book

I started writing business books—for true thought leaders seeking actual book publishers—back in the 1990s. After ten years in the trade, I wrote and published the Independent Book Publishers Association’s Benjamin Franklin Award-winning Writing the Breakthrough Business Book, which explains how to do exactly that. This book is an absolute must if you have any interest at all in writing a business book. It will save you—as it has saved hundreds of other business book authors—time, effort, money, disappointment, disillusionment, and dyspepsia.

Here’s what it covers:


Table of Contents

Note: This book is for authors who want to write business books for established publishers or self-published books at that level of quality. It is not about writing ebooks in two-weeks that make you hundreds of thousands of dollars in six months. Those books exist; this isn’t one of them.

If you are serious—or even semi-serious—about writing a business book, you need Writing the Breakthrough Business Book. It also makes a great gift for the aspiring thought leader in your life!

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